MAG was founded after years of experience in working on communication and programming for international organisations (United Nations, multilateral, Pubic Sector, NGOs), for the private sector (market research, security culture, social research) as well as for diverse media. 

Added to that, we have a strong academic background, in particular in applied methodologies, and a solid knowledge of digital and audiovisual tools. 


We are pioneering in combining effectively project management and its communication.  

The future of growing engagement and getting the most of a project or organisation lies on the combination of these two aspects : because they are indeed one. 

As we are client-oriented, we partner with highly-qualified collaborators and associates, who are remarkable not only in technical aspects, but also out-of-the crowd with a vision. 

Our reputation stands: on performance, trustability, innovative and agile ©MAG Methodology, and creativity. 

We are looking forward to meet you. 

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