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Geometric shapes in 3D

We created an imaginary league that would act as a "character", inviting the public to follow the updates and taking the challenge to the next level: inviting you to participate!

Healthy lifestyle and sports: a link that most of us know about already. 

This playful animation and the warm colouring set a tone for the enjoyment of playing to be fit. And even more so with vitamins!


The big Farmacity chain mandated MAG agency for reaching out to different audiences online. The objective was to reinforce public awareness about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle associated with sports and outdoor training. 

We created a series of messages and texts plus videos for social media, with a different approach that expanded the targeted audiences and created more engagement. 





Basketballs composition

Group sports, individual training: we are all boosted when enjoying the benefits of outdoors and indoors activities. The graphic idea was to associate it with a gameful and profitable moment on everyday's life.  

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