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The rise of visual Internet: the post-text future is here

As in the core of MAG's conception, this articles makes it clear about the importance of visual communication on the net and social media, after an era governed by texts.

You can learn about how the so called influencers are operating by using apps and video channels, about how text are added to images rather than be written alone or joined to photos or illustrations.

Machines are been given eyes and ears, and manipulating of comms throughout smartphones, gives this broad tendency a great impulse. Although the transition, the article points out, won't be smooth, as business models need to readapt.

Take a look at this revealing article (that, yes, you'll have to read anyway...).

Photo Credit: John Yuyi for the New Your Times.

Here you can find the article by the New York Times: http://nyti.ms/2H3qxYa

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