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Scriptwriting, step 1: write something that may change your life

Continuing with the series of notes on scriptwriting, MAG took a look back at one of its favorites approaches on how to create the best story you can write.

On the book "The anatomy of story", John Trudy introduced a systematic approach to scriptwriting that tries to elude dogmas. Instead of talking about storytelling by revisiting the more or less traditional definitions in its own way, Trudy makes a link between the writing process and how we think, experiment, and sublimate life and our reality. That way, he says, you can construct you story from inside out. And this, because for Trudy "A great story describes human beings going through an organic process. But it is also a living body unto itself".

Among a series of steps into achieving the most of the writing process, he states the 1st as this: "Write something that may change your life". That is: keep in mind that if something is really interesting to you, it might be the same for a part of the audience.

And how do we know if it may change our life? Trudy's answer: is simple, do some self-exploration. Writing a list of everything we wish to talk about, write about, explore, research, etcetera, without censuring us, and as long as the list gets without limits; and writing a list of premises (we will make a post about premises!), are the two essential exercises that he proposes. It is never a bad time for getting on to that, isn't it?


Truby, John. The Anatomy of Story: 22 Steps to Becoming a Master Storyteller (p. 9). Farrar, Straus and Giroux. Kindle Edition.

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