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Infinite's moment at Raindance Festival in London

A Swiss film by a Swiss - British director on the most important indie film event, London's Raindance Festival.

The city of London hosted recently its 25th edition of its most important indie film event: Raindance Film Festival. Having participated in one of the films included in the program, MAG joined the event. It was on the occasion of the world première of the feature film "The infinite Moment" (french title "L'Instant Infinit) (2017; 90 minutes), a Swiss / USA production directed by Swiss-British director Douglas Beer.

After the screening, the actors playing the main roles, that had travelled for the première, answered questions from the festival's crew and from the audience. The main character, played by Jennifer Rihouey, incarnated a women seeking to go on with his life after the tragic accident suffered by his four year old daughter.

The fact that Raindance is an indie festival produces a public that is evidently engaged with watching and / or producing cinema, something that could be observed by the manifest interest in knowing about the different steps of the film's production, as by the acuteness of the comments and interventions.

As announced at the preview of the screening "The French term for orgasm, ‘le petit mort’, likens the release of pleasure to a sort of death. Sexuality and mortality share a twisted history together, which is examined in Douglas Beer’s psychosexual drama The Infinite Moment".

The film, a low budget huit-clos filmed near Geneva's border (in what is locally know as "the neighbouring France" (aka: la France voisine) was highly appreciated by public and critics. The story, created by Mr. Beer, as he himself explained in London, is inspired by a series of tragic events occured within his own family, years ago. The Infinite Moment is a drama with elements of a thriller, and that way the sensitivity of the theme was combined with a vein of mystery.

The film was shoot in a small village across the french border in the area of influence of the city of Geneva, in Switzerland.

The Infinite Moment receive two awards at US competitions.

Click here to watch the trailer of the film.

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