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Review: They’ll love me when I’m dead

They’ll love me when I’m dead (Morgan Melville; 2018).

Amazing documentary about the unfinished last film by Orson Welles, The other side of the wind.

It is a work with plenty of resources and, reluctantly, even better than the film which production it is explored.

The genius of Orson Welles and its difficulties to finance his last film are unveiled in a heartbreaking atmosphere.

Some of his intimate fears and thought, his attachement to Oja Kodar, longtime lover of Welles that plays a seductive and mysterious women in Welles's last experimental movie. The director, considered by many as the best in moviemaking history, is pictured in different cities of Europe, the US, and Africa, on an electric attempt to produce and give life to his ideas. Also, the troubling relationship with is closeted friends and associates in advanced in a fragmentary but interesting way. The question about a possible auto-destructive aspect of Welles personality, which would reflected in his refusal to accept for exemple the money that Spielberg would provide to finish this movie, remains partly undisclosed.

The innovative languages and ideas implemented by Welles in the film under scrutiny here are shown as surprising for contemporary audiences and acquaintances. And can indeed still be considered as challenging nowadays. Here's how Welles last powerful ideas can be traced as sources of today's cinematographic language. One of them is the mixing between documentary and fiction, the use of handy cameras and the improvisation of situations. The other side of the wind resulted in some sort of chaotic always-in-progressive alive beast, that accompanied Welles up to his dead.

Here's the official trailer of They'll love me when I'm dead movie :

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