We help organizations create distinctive and lasting engagement through communication. 
If you want to be performant and create engagement, communication and core organisational aspects can't be disconnected in today's world.

Give your brand, product, project, or organisation the visibility that it deserves.


You can consolidate long term engagement by developing the essence of who you are.


Develop your unique vision; we partner with you to get the core work done.

Main working

  • Institutional Communication
  • Humanitarian Communication

  • Brand development

  • Audiovisual solutions

  • Digital Strategy



Your needs

  • Build or re-build your Communication Strategy

  • Integrate Project Management and Communications

  • Humanitarian Communication support

  • Temporarily ensure the conduct of a Communication Department

  • Create community engagement with various partners and stakeholders

  • Formalize a new positioning

  • Define, redefine or refine your key messages

  • Identify and reach a new or a wider audience

  • Improve your media presence

  • Manage your reputation

  • Prepare for media exposure

  • Ensure communication training on human rights thematics

  • Manage a crisis 

  • Make an audit of your communication tools


  • ​​Communication Strategy design  & implementation

  • Communication tools and systems for the PCM

  • Communication Audit

  • Matrix and Stakeholders analysis

  • Monitoring and evaluation

  • Campaign design | Publicity

  • Content strategy and writing

  • Market research, brand studies

  • Agile planification for projects

  • Crisis response plan

  • Media training

  • Event planning

  • Publications, newsletters, flyers

  • Audiovisual support

Your needs

  • Understand how to create links between various communication channels

  • Identify your customers' behaviours and expectations in the digital space

  • Accurately target segments of your audience

  • Attract the attention of your customers with videos 

  • Conduct campaigns (fundraising, visibility, others)

  • Measure the activity generated by your digital communication actions

  • Improve your SEO in search engines

  • Improve your visibility and conversion rates


  • Digital Strategy design

  • Digital action plan with KPIs

  • Conversion Tunnel and scenarios

  • Targeting and definition of personaes 

  • CRM and Marketin Automation

  • Content Marketing

  • Web design and content : portal, intranet, extranet, applications

  • Videos and animations

  • Infographics and motion design

  • Community Management

  • Influencers 

  • Search Engine Optimisation SEO 

  • Online Ad Campaigns SEA

  • Social Media Management

  • Analytics and Optimisation



Project cycles and its Communication can finally go together. 


At MAG we are pioneering in creating this integration, and it works! 

Say goodbye to the old non-flexible school where the whole work of a project, a brand, a company, an organisation, ends up in a report that no more than 5 persons will ever read once in a lifetime.

The  conjunct work to try and transforming realities deserves a better destiny than that.   

Get in touch with us to learn more. 

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