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Founder and Consultant

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Magdalena is a Professor in Anthropological Sciences with more than 12 years of experience in international cooperation and communications, for the private and the public sectors.

Joseph Guntern

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Joseph Guntern is the former Director of Cooperation and Deputy Head of Mission of the Swiss Embassy in Sarajevo and former Head of Cooperation at the SDC Office of the Swiss Embassy in Dhaka. Agronomist Joseph Guntern has worked as an expert and consultant for SDC and NGOs. As Managing Director of CreaConsult he worked as consultant for the management of IC programmes, Trainer Director and lecturer, Moderator of Processes, and Coach and Advisor for professionals.

Brianna Sword

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Graphic design and Digital Strategy specialist with an outstanding record of collaborations with some of the most demanding international companies in the United States and in the Netherlands.  

Nicolás Braguinsky Cascini

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Nicolás Braguinsky Cascini is an Italian-Argentine documentary filmmaker, video editor, and photographer

Guillermo Estevez

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Graphic designer specialised in branding and editorial design, bilingual in French and Spanish. 

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