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How are stories build?

How are stories built? Thinking about a script for a client while walking down along Geneva lake, I realised once more about the role of curiosity.

Everything can contain mysteries. Why do they prune the trees like that?, I’ve asked when I first arrive to Geneva. Platanes are cut this way here during the winter. Their aspect is one of the things that makes this city unique. But indeed, the reason they are given that strange look might hide a story, or lead to other stories.

In this case, the answer to my question was dual. The first thing is the most evident: they do it for boosting the growing and the health of these trees.

But there was a second answer that surprised me. It seems that, during World War II, the USA spread an illness while using Swiss airspace. Sometimes reality is opaque, and sometimes an answer leads to many more questions.

Asking questions, to others and to ourselves, one of the gestures -among others- towards understanding the world we live in: and thus from then a way to narrate it.

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Photo Credit: Magdalena Mactas

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